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My Sweet Zombie! is about Sam Chen, a barista at a local coffee shop. Whether it's dealing with a annoying customer or fixing the leaky espresso machine, or putting out random fires everywhere, it鈥檚 Sam鈥檚 job to take care of it. So it's no surprise she finds herself exhausted from work.

However, on a late night while closing the cafe, Sam is met face to face with a real life Zombie! Will Sam get eaten alive, or will she find love from an unexpected someone?

  • 85k+ words! (5-8 hours of gameplay)
  • Female Protagonist with a Female and Male Love Interest
  • 3 Endings (+ A Poly Ending)
  • Original Soundtrack by MockOff
  • Partial Voice Acting
  • Love interest's perspectives
  • Hidden secret scenes
  • If you donate $5 (or more) you'll get access to the My Sweet Zombie companion Artbook, containing in-depth developer commentary and concept artwork!


My Sweet Zombie! is a Tsundere Studio game! Follow our twitter for updates on future games! 

 Or join our discord server & hang out with us! (we have a channel for cute cats and dogs)


  • Directing, Artwork and Writing: Tsun-Angelique
  • Ui, Scripting, Co-Writing, and Emotional Support Friend: M.
  • Ren'Py Gui Template by Baiyu
  • Music Composed by MockOff
  • Proofreading by Kristi Jimenez, Yog-Dzewa
  • World Record holder for AllTypos% speedrun by SB007

Voice Actors:

CONTENT ADVISORY: 17+ for death, crude/suggestive humor, excessive swearing, emotional abuse, mentioned biphobia, suicidal thoughts and (implied) sexual content

There is also a choice where you can choose to be intimate with your love interest and will see some underwear nudity, however you are not obligated to choose this choice and can choose to skip this option if you prefer.

Like the soundtrack? Buy it here!

Note: The poly end can only be achieved once you get both love interest's ending!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(130 total ratings)
AuthorTsundere Studio
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Otome, Queer, Romance, Yuri, Zombies


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gay 10/10

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Loved this game.  Also at 1st didn't realize the mc was a trans woman until I got to the part with the estrogen pills. It was a very pleasant surprise. Also, I love Nicole and Sam. I went through Nicole's romance and I loved it. I won't be going through Liam's but that's just bc I'm not comfortable with romancing men in games. And won't be going through the poly route for the same reason just makes me uncomfortable to romance men but I did really like Liam he's a really cool dude. I also really liked Jane and kinda wish I could have romanced her along with Nicole at the same time. Edit: Just realized you also made pressing the side character never commented on it but I loved it when I played it a few months ago.

the fact that i almost got off my chair seeing Liam, i mean, who didn't want a bad guy but also funny all the time!
 Not to mention Nicole, she so nice all the time with Sam, it's cute to see this game by yourself.
 And not to mention a good experience/good time playing! 
 I loved this and i recommend to anyone who likes romantic stuff! well atleast i do so... 10/10 could play this 78 times and won't be bored of it!

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I played this game a couple of months ago and it was the cutest thing ever- I especially loved the trans and poly representation, as it felt so genuine and relatable at times-- plus, finding good trans representation can be stupidly hard sometimes, as with poly rep. So seeing such nice and endearing representation throughout the game was really nice and wholesome :") Also, the art is just beautiful!! It's always a treat just admiring it along with the soundtrack as well :"P 

I cried when it ended. I was SO obsessed with the character and Nicole and Sam. I wasn't really expecting alot from this, but instead I was so so so so surprised. I can't express how much I wan't those characters to live, including Liam and The other girl.

Nothing is better than a zombie gf!

This game is my first experience with a dating sim game and it's pretty good

especially the zombie girl path the ending really warm my heart. I really recommend this game  10/10.

Returns here finally after playing the demo back then. In no time we are greeted by the horror of being a coffee shop manager and also simulating of

how it feels to have to deal with three children (not literally; but yeah you can say that with the pain in the ass Sam receive; rip break). Also zombieooooooooookiessss.

Part 1

Part 2. It is clear Sam is stressed at work, but at least with Cozy (yeah I name her that) it's better???? THOUGH SAM SHOULD DEFINITELY GETS A WAGE INCREASE WITH ALL THE ISSUES AT WORK

Part 3!!!

Um yeah relatable totally Sam, feeling like you'll annoy people. Disturb them. So you don't talk much.... AND THEN THEY'RE ANGRY NOOOOOO

Part 4444!

Forgot to post it here :P


Liam tho, even going to Sam's in the middle of the night. Epic.


But frl, legs.

Part 6, NOW TH-THE-THEY K-KI-KIS-KISS!!! WOAH! Frl I wonder if I can still go for the third ending with this....

this is actually one of the best VNs i played, zombie girl's route is the best <3 thank you for the game

I'm glad you liked zombie girl!! Thank you for playing!!

This is so adorable! After doing Nicole's route I just couldn't bring myself to do another.

Hehehe, glad you loved her so much!

This game is so cuuute! love it!


Really fun visual novel! :D

Thank you!!!

(1 edit)

i loved this game so much, one of my favorite visual novels and probably the best made one ive ever played.

binged zombie girl route in one night and then went to try other routes, also i have a question (line breaks bc spoilers)

do zombie girl and liam ever come out with each of their secrets (lying abt amnesia and making webtoons) in the poly ending? and does sam also start working as a baker? im assuming yes but its just not shown or maybe i didnt see it in the visual novel

Thank you so much!!!

They do, but yeah it's probably later in the future when they're comfortable enough. No big drama though, just a honest conversation. I think Sam probably would work as a baker and explore other options of what she might like to do (something she didn't get an opportunity to).

At this point, i dont even wanna do the other routes. I wanna live happy in my apartment with my zombie girlfriend :)

And that's fine!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It was great!! I think its one of my fav games :)

(1 edit)

How do I get le poly ending? q.q

I played both routes, all I have to say is


Update: I said that and then I immediately found the poly route lol SPOILERR:

DA BOI IS WEREWOLF yeeeeaaaa softcore furry shit......as Ally (zombie girl) said.... Dear God save me

Thank you!!! And hehehehe

just finished it and dear lord.. 

i enjoyed every second of it. very lovely characters as well! i would die for the mc, zombie girl, liam. great storywriting, soundtrack, chara design.. great everything tbh.. rlly keeps me hooked up. looking forward to more upcoming projects :o

Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy all our future games!!!

(1 edit)

Super cute,zombie puns and funny characters.Thank you for the game.<3

PS;OMG i did just read Liam's extra scene,and that really surprised me.I LOVED IT.

hehehehe, thank you!!!

Chapter names are great :D I agree with the others who said they could relate to the MC. I actually could relate to all the characters in one way or another. Really enjoying the game :)

I wanted to ask, is there any chance you'd allow payment with card? Or maybe you've got a ko-fi account or smth?

I have a ko-fi! But if you want to tip me, itch does have a tip feature too!

Can't believe I didn't realize I can just like...open your acc on here and see the info. Anyway, got u a coffee, better late than never :D

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So so so so cute! 
I played the zombie girl route (called her Zelda) and honestly she and Sam have such good chemistry it was hard not to grin throughout all their interactions.

I don't usually play otome games (or visual novels for that matter) but I'm so glad I decided to play this one! 

Binged it all in one sitting bbyyy.

It is 3 am, I'm gonna be dead in the morning <3 100% worth it.

awwww!! ; v ; thank you!!!

(1 edit)

I loved the game, I identified a lot with Sam and the zombie girl is very funny, the art of the game is very nice, it has become one of my favorite games!

Thank you so much for playing!!! And I'm glad you related a lot to Sam, since that was the goal for me! To have people relate to her struggles!

Deleted 51 days ago

I鈥檓 so glad!!! Thank you for playing!!!

(Disclaimer, I bought this game on a whim a few hours ago and I have only done Liam's route so far but I couldn't wait any longer to gush!!!  And it is just pure gushing.  Like I'm not even sure if this makes sense lol.)  Also I just spilled a bunch of personal information to illustrate my feelings about certain themes and characters so sorry if it is A LOT.


I LOVED THIS.  The story was good and handled some heavy themes, but in a respectful, mature way.  The art was pretty, the characters were amazing and showed incredible growth.  Liam was adorable, though I was lowkey expecting him to be a werewolf.  Ella (the name I gave the zombie) was tsundere and more reserved, a good contrast to Liam and Sam, but I found her likable from the start unlike a lot of more tsun's who veer WAY into the "total jerk" field.  She actually reminded me a ton of one of my close real life friends, just in her mannerisms and personality, but also how she clearly cared for Sam and spoke her mind and was super strong.  Also I know I already said this, but I can't believe how good the character development was across the board.  I liked the mixture of fantasy and modern life and appreciate the depiction of customer service life (I work in a customer call service center and can confirm some people are just so fucking stupid.  JUST SO STUPID.)  

I thought the character backgrounds with the parents and also how it dealt realistically with the struggle of doing what you love vs what people expect vs what will allow you to have a stable and comfortable life.  I liked that Liam picked [redacted] back up and tried to once again, but I also liked that Sam decided to start with accounting and do baking on the side as opposed to going full hog (as most stories end with the character chasing or achieving all their dreams but sometimes it's just not realistic, so it was realistic while also being satisfying and open ended.)

I identified a ton with the characters struggles as well.  Like Sam I've spend a large portion of my life basing my value on if I am of use to others and being terrified that people will leave if I ask too much of them.  It's something I still struggle with and I loved to see it addressed so beautifully and sensitively to acknowledge how people can end up in that mindset while ALSO encouraging growth.  In addition, while I'm fully white and can't identify with some of the specific character cultural struggles, I can identify with having a family life that was not ideal.  I do wish that we got to see Sam tell her parents to go to hell, but at the same time I get that that was kind of open ended.  My family life was quite fractured, most of the people who caused that abuse are gone now, but some of my relationships are still quite fraught, such as with my father, who has a habit of rejecting anything he doesn't understand and also just being real garbage sometimes, but still genuinely trying to do what's best for me.  I still love him and am in contact with him, so while it would have been satisfying to see Sam cut them off, at the same time it feels realistic, things are rarely that clean, even when it hurts.  GOOD FOR LIAM FOR STRIKING OUT THOUGH.

Also maybe I'm just not looking in the right spot, but when it comes to visual novels/video games I don't think I've ever played a trans protagonist?  Other quuer (lgb) shows up sometimes, but I rarely see trans characters and stories delved into I loved it.  I'm not "fully" trans, but I am nonbinary, so I related to a lot of aspects.  I am also bi, and have faced many of the things Liam described.  It made me tear up.  I know some people don't want bigotry to be brought up in stories because sometimes you just don't want to read/play about things you already know that are painful, but at the same time there was something almost so healing about seeing issues important to me not just brushed aside, but acknowledged where it fit and handled with gentleness and maturity, without brushing away the ugliness, but at the same time showing that to some people those factors won't matter ever and that you deserve to loved not just in spite of, but because of those differences, and that there are people willing to do that out there!!  I also appreciated that sex was optional without affecting the romance at all.

The artbook was SUPER cute by the way.  Loved it.

ALSO ALSO all the references like "Backier" and "Dark Spirits" were HILARIOUS and I was proud of myself for understanding so many.  Maybe that just means that I'm a nerd though.

Anyway, yeah over all I LOVE this game.  It's 2am because I foolishly started playing at like 11 so I will have to finish Ella's route tomorrow.  But yeah.  Incredible.  A favorite for sure, I'm going to follow you guys and if you ever do kickstarter or another VN or something I will be first in line to play.

This is getting long and I'm so tired and there's other aspects I want to touch on (the humor was great!!  And I appreciate Sam being greeted with the start to a potential horror movie and yet after the initial shock just kinda being like "cool this is my life now, I guess" LOL though I wish I could have seen the meeting of Liam and Ella in game, I just feels like that has a high potential of comedy.  Also it was just CUTE.) BUT YEAH 5/5 LOVE IT THANKS SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS.

Have a good night!  I hope this wasn't too weird and rambly, haha, but yeah, thank you so much for telling this story!!!  You are a wonderful artist, storyteller, and writer.  

thank you for this review, you have no clue how much this made making this game so worth it. Thank you ; v ;

The visual backgrounds are really nicely done, and the writing really keeps you interested.  I love how the characters are really down to earth and likable even the zombie. 

It's a fun game and if you want to play something a bit different with a new kind of romance think monster kind than My Sweet Zombie might be for you!  

Thank you so much for playing!!! I look forward to watching the video!!! 

Deleted 1 year ago

there's an lgbt tag listed in the description, you sign up for this comrade

Deleted 1 year ago

well they already put lgbt which as far as i know stands for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans. its a schrodinger situation, it may or may not contain trans, and nobody knows until they play it. but at the very last it is what it is dude. either take it or leave it

whaa-- he's gone

(1 edit)

Yeah, we banned them and then deleted their posts. They obviously were a bigot, and I don鈥檛 want players to be upset by what they said or have to see it. Thank you though for trying to confront them. But with people like them unfortunately, it鈥檚 better to not engage and move on as they obviously are just trying to get a reaction.

For some reason when I download the Android versi贸n it's say that it can't open the file

(1 edit)

Would you mind showing the error? The android versions has been known to unfortunately be incompatible with some people's phones. We do plan to post a Google Play version soon as well, so if you are unable to get the game through itch, you can try Google Play.

It's in spanish but it says that the file can't be open 

This was on my tablet

Then I download it on my phone and it opens ibis Paint X 

So I unfortunately do not know why it's giving you that error, but the game is uploaded now on Google Play so please feel free to try and see if you can download the Google Play version! 


I loved the characters and the poly route! Gotta be one of my favorite games on this site :)

awww! thank u so much!!!

this game is so  good i want to bang my head so hard to get amnesia so i can experience it for the first time again. great work!

please don't bang your head ; A ; but thank u!!!!

Finished playing the game. Good Job Tsundere Studio :)!!

I like (Not according to priority):

1. The (plot) twist where Sam decided to open up to Liam about her problems, and made me think that she

gave him the whole truth.

2. The comparison used between the imaginary stray cat and the zombie at home.

3. The logic that is displayed by the zombie.

4. The knowledge about the nature of the work, however close it is to the truth.

5. Some of the sense of humor in the game actually got me laughing to myself, catching me off guard.

6. The characters' characteristics really align with real-life people.

7. The artwork for the story is pleasant to the eyes. Same goes with the dialogue box as the theme matched with the mood of the story. I like the choice of color too.

8. Music accompanies the experience nicely, aiding in makin it more meaningful.

9. The life lessons that is weaved into the story and presented nicely. Your team managed to pull off a brilliant work, taking various harsh realities in life and wrapped them in a good manner.

10. The interaction which is natural and life like. Smoothly pleasing as it didn't feel forced.

11. The character's short bio really helps me better to visualize the story.

Suggested Improvements:

1. Short info texts or indicator when I hover over the icons (bottom right) in the dialogue box will help players better.

2. My grammar is not so good but there's some grammatical and typing errors that I noticed, didn't bother me much while playing the game coz it didn't really distort the message intended to players.

3. I'll be even more engaged with the game if there's more decision-making scene available, even if they won't impact the ending.

Lastly, I enjoyed playing the game as I get to have fun and learn a lot simultaneously. So, Thank U guys for the game :) !

the short info texts or indicators is actually a good idea! I'll keep that in mind!!! But thank you so much for giving such amazing feedback!!! I'll try and carry these on in future games!

Good game! I like this!

thank u!!!

I remember playing the demo of this game some time ago and I really enjoyed it, so seeing it around again now that its finished really excited me, I'll be playing it soon :]

i hope you enjoy it!!!

This game was absolutely worth the play, and replying the routes to get the poly ending is a must if you enjoyed any of the characters. There's a good reason to replay a route. It's a spoiler if I tell you, so go figure it out yourself. In the end I wish there was more because I fell in love with this entire game and wish I could relive the experiences I had with it.

oh my gosh, this is such glowing praise ; v ; thank you for saying this

so cute story! I enjoy it very much
good work

thank u for playing!!!

Do you have any plans to make others like this or try an explicit adult game as well? Your stories have the potential for that and it would also be interesting.

Can't say for certain right now. We're still working on our new game which doesn't feature adult content

Oh even, I've played your first game, I want to pursue the mean side character and when I played it, I loved it, I'm even going to download it again.

I want to try the Android version but it doesn't work, it says it's not compatible when I click to download.

(1 edit)

Oh no, hmm I鈥檓 not sure why it isn鈥檛 compatible unfortunately. Could you maybe show me a screenshot of the error please?

I can show you, but I don't know if it will make much sense to you, because I'm from Brazil so if it's okay for you, I can do it.

(3 edits)

I actually think I know why. So if you were able to download IWPMSC but not this game, it might have to do with Ren鈥檖y. Ren鈥檖y had went through a update where they changed how Android games were packaged, which might be why your phone is incompatible if it might be a little older. I could try and find a older version of ren鈥檖y maybe so I can try and package the game again…  But then the problem is some of the effects and such in our game wouldn鈥檛 work. So it might take me some time to create this version, sorry. 

No need to apologize, it happens, it's not perfect when we try something, it's quiet. But as for your first game, I downloaded it from the Google Store, this one I already downloaded here, what appears is a message in a black bar at the bottom of the phone saying that it's not possible, as if maybe it wasn't compatible, right in the final stage when you click in the apk and it loads and that message appears that says open or complete, before this message appears this one saying it is not possible.

I鈥檓 not sure why it鈥檚 giving that message but if you are able to download from the Google store, then once I post the safe version in the Google store you can probably play! I鈥檒l try and release that version soon, I just had to make it safer so the Google store would allow me to post it. 

I love it!!!! and









YURI THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u!!!

(2 edits)

Ahhh I just finished the game and read some of the extra scenes! :DD

I have a spoiler comment below!








I knew Liam was a werewolf! That's so cute and he's such a puppy it fits him so well ;w;

(1 edit)

Spoiler below








; D (originally Liam wasn't supposed to be one, but people kept thinking he was I went "why not?" if you replay the game, you'll see hints of him being a werewolf)

My gosh Liam is such a puppy! >w< This is one of the most well written games I've played and it makes me smile so much!

i'm so glad to hear that!!! Thank you for playing!!!

(1 edit)

Really fun game! Not only because of the great romanceble characters, but also because we follow the protagonist as she works on herself with her friends. Also being around a tsundere zombie is a great experience :D

tsundere zombies for the win!

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